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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dulu2 punya projek

Sementara nak tunggu projek baru ni, nak share projek lama2 dulu. Ni projek masa nak siapkan bilik Rania.

Few weeks ago I've been working on Rania's room or maybe it will be a baby room cause the room is small and I don't think it can fit a queen size bed in there. So I had this idea on how I want the room to look like. So I was thinking something like pastel colors, some animals painting hanged in there and some Rania's photos when she was small. But to do all of it at one time is impossible for me because I don't have a lot of time to juggle my duty as a student and a mother too.

So one day I decide to start the project. I stick the tape on the wall to make a line. I want to have a horizontal line at the bottom of the wall with 2 or 3 colors in it and the above wall is another color. This sticking tape to the wall took about a week for me to finish because I kept out of tape. I don't the exact amount that I need to use. So when I run out of tape I have to wait days before I can go to the shop and bought the tapes again (Now I have tons of them..haha).

And then without my husband I went to the paint shop and bought few colors. I bought 1 litre paint for each color because I'm sure it will be enough for the line and yes I was right (phewww). After I finish paint the lines, my husband start to give idea that I should paint the upper side with green paint. I was doubtful but since this is our home, I should consider his idea too and guess what I was so sad with the color once it was painted on the wall. It became so striking that I hate to go inside the room. But after w few weeks the color has blend in and as far as I'm concern it does not look as striking as before. Hahaha.





Bought this wall paper from Tesco for only RM12.90 (promotion price) and I need this glue to stick the wallpaper

In progress

In progress
Basically, there are few more things that I would like to add to this room. But it should be in the next entry but at least for now it was not a white room anymore. Yeay!

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